Xavax Angle Connector for Plastic Pipes, 1/4"

Kód produktu: HM 111389 Záruka: 2 roky Výrobce: Xavax
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- Quick connector for plastic pipes - E.g. for using with water/filter connections or for extensions on US side-by-side refrigerators - Speedfit™ system for quickly mounting and removing the pipes and connections without tools - Retaining rings provide additional safety of the connecting system and prevent the pipes from being unlocked accidentally - Tested in accordance with the EU guideline 89/109EEC, can therefore be used for food and drinking water applications as well as for water treatment - Also ideal for air and vacuum applications Note for Consumers: The product is intended for private and not for commercial use. Do not use the product outside the stated capacity limit. Do not put kinked or damaged pipes, connections or filters into operation and do not continue using them. In case of doubt putting into operation should only be carried out by a specialist. Technical Details: - Nominal Diameter/mm 1: 1/4" (DN:8), 13.5 mm - Nominal Diameter/mm 2: 1/4" (DN:8), 13.5 mm - Type of Connection: Plug Connection - Material: Plastic - Model: Angel - Pressure: 10 bar - Colour: Grey - Usage: Branch Tube Scope Of Delivery: - 1 straight connector, 1/4" - 2 retaining rings, 1/4"

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